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Juridisch Vertaalbureau All-Round: the specialist in legal business translations

Personal service, top quality translations

We are a team of sworn legal translators who combine experience and expertise with a personal approach. When you call us, you will be speaking to a sworn translator. You don’t have to wade through a maze of sales managers or account managers. We offer direct contact with a specialist.

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We work alongside a select band of sworn legal translators: the best in the Netherlands! Opt for Juridisch Vertaalbureau All-Round and you are assured of the best possible legal translation. We also guarantee highly competitive rates.

What do we mean by legal translation?

We define legal translation as the translation of legal documents drafted by notaries, attorneys and other lawyers. That is what we are good at and where our expertise lies.

You can find more information about the type of documents we translate on our ‘Specialisms’ pages.


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Our languages

We translate all your legal documents from Dutch into English, French, German, Italian and Spanish, and from any of these languages into Dutch.

Professional, expert and on time.

Legal translation company: the law is our domain

We are the second generation of translators at the helm of Juridisch Vertaalbureau All-Round. In the 75 years since the firm was founded, we have developed to become a leading authority in legal translations.

Tens of thousands of legal translations have crossed our desks, produced for clients in virtually all business sectors. We use modern computer technology and state-of-the-art translation tools to place our knowledge at your service in the most efficient way possible. When it comes to legal translations, we are undeniably among the best.

From legal documents for business, such as contracts and general terms and conditions, to notarial deeds such as articles of association, Wills, deeds of assignment and transfer deeds: our sworn translators have mastered the art of legal translation.
Financial translation is another of our specialisms. You can call on us for a perfect English translation of your financial statements, management report, investment report or prospectus. Our financial translators know the financial sector inside out.

all legal and financial specialisms under one roof

Our sworn translators combine faultless linguistic knowledge with in-depth expertise in legal and financial matters. All are highly experienced language experts and professional specialists.
Juridisch Vertaalbureau All-Round offers all legal and financial specialisms under one roof. We are among the best in the field and work hard to maintain that position.
‘All-Round’ is not just a name – it’s our mission!




Legal translation company

Sworn translators who know your business

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Sworn translators

As a specialist in legal translations we work only with sworn translators. Our sworn translators are highly trained language experts and professional specialists with many years’ experience in translating legal and financial documents. They not only have a perfect command of language but also in-depth knowledge of all aspects of notarial practice and other legal disciplines.

All our sworn translators are included on the official Register of Sworn Interpreters and Translators (RBTV), which is administered by the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security.


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What you can expect from us

Quality, quality and more quality!

Quality is everything. A legal translation must always be perfect: there is no margin for error. We therefore select the very best translators with the specialist knowledge needed for your document. And we devote the greatest possible care and attention to every translation we produce.
We do so by working in teams. Every translation is the product of at least two specialist translators: one translator who actually translates the text and a second translator who acts as ‘revisor’, responsible for the final document. The revisor ensures that there are no errors or omissions, and that the correct terminology has been used consistently throughout. He or she will check matters of style and interpretation, and will even ensure that the layout is in accordance with your wishes. We leave nothing to chance.
Because producing a good legal translation requires not only linguistic ability but also legal knowledge, we work exclusively with professional specialists. Every legal translator and revisor who works on our legal translations has many years’ practical experience and a thorough knowledge of the relevant legal and judicial systems.

Our six strengths


  • Expertise
    Our sworn translators are experienced professional specialists.
  • Reliability
    A promise made is a promise kept – your deadline is our deadline.
  • Quality
    Your translation will meet the very highest standards.
  • Confidentiality
    We treat all information in the strictest confidence and in full compliance with national and international legislation (GDPR).
  • Clarity
    All agreements are made in writing so you know exactly where you stand.
  • Value
    We offer the best quality for a competitive price.

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Added value

When you read a text you have written yourself, it is all too easy to miss little errors and omissions. Even the very best copywriters make occasional typing mistakes. As translators, we are reading your text with a ‘new pair of eyes’ and will sometimes notice irregularities that have escaped your attention (and that of even the best spellchecker). Perhaps you have typed ‘county’ where you meant ‘country’. Or you may have omitted an all-important ‘not’. This can have embarrassing – and expensive – consequences.
We therefore provide constructive feedback about your text.
There is no extra charge – it’s all part of our service.

State-of-the-art translation technology

We use the latest technological resources to maximize the efficiency of the translation process. The most important are known as Computer-Assisted Translation, or ‘CAT’ tools.

We use Trados Studio 2022, an advanced translation memory management tool which ensures the consistent use of terminology. Because it saves time, it also helps to reduce costs.

In addition, we have our own unique terminology database which has been developed over the course of decades. It contains a wealth of definitions and translations of specialist terms. Some terms are a matter of client preference: one company might refer to its ‘managing director’, while another has a ‘CEO’. These preferences are also recorded in the database, which is constantly being updated.

Juridisch Vertaalbureau All-Round uses Trados Studio 2022

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