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The specialist in legal translation

Much depends on the correct translation of your contract, general terms and conditions or other legal documents. You need an absolutely perfect legal translation produced by the very best sworn legal translators.

That is precisely what we offer!

75 years of legal translation experience at your disposal

Juridisch Vertaalbureau All-Round is one of the few Dutch translation companies which specializes entirely in legal translations. We have done so for over seventy years.
We are the second generation of sworn legal translators to be at the helm of Juridisch Vertaalbureau All-Round in The Hague. We work with passion and pleasure. We are proud to serve our many discerning clients using the knowledge and experience we have developed as the Netherlands’ first legal translation agency. We like to apply a personal approach and will always take your wishes and preferences into full consideration.
We are thoroughly at home in all legal disciplines and are able to translate the most varied legal texts for you. Whether you require a legal translation of a contract, your general terms and conditions, documents to support a court case, or a power of attorney, our sworn translators are at your service.

You can come to us for any legal translation from Dutch into English, German, French, Spanish or Italian, and from any of these languages into Dutch.
Benefit from our knowledge and experience. Please feel free to request a no-obligation quote and discover what we can do for you.

All-Round: the legal translation company in The Hague for perfect legal translations

From lawyer to corporate legal department


Do you need a translation of your company’s general terms and conditions? Are you a lawyer who has been asked to represent a foreign client? Do you need to serve a summons in another country? Does your legal department need a watertight English translation of an employment contract? Then you’re in the right place!

Whether you are a notary, a lawyer in private practice or with a corporate legal department, a mediator, accountant or tax advisor, we are your first point of contact for every legal translation.
Call or email us to discuss the options or request a quote. There is absolutely no obligation.

Certified legal translations, legalization and apostille

You can come to us for a certified legal translation. A certified (or 'sworn') translation is generally required if a legal translation is to be submitted to some official body in another country, or if it is required by a notary in another country.

What does a certified translation entail? Find out here.

In some cases a certified translation must also be ‘legalized’. This can be done by means of a standard legalization or an apostille. This is the court’s confirmation that the signature of the sworn translator on the legal translation is genuine, and that the sworn translator is qualified and known to the relevant authorities.

Do you need legalization or an apostille? Check here.

Let us take care of an apostille to authenticate your certified translation.

We like to make things as easy as possible for you. Let us arrange the legalization of your certified translation. This will save you having to go to the court yourself. You will receive from us a legalized certified translation that meets all requirements and is ‘ready to go’.

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Our legal translators


Our legal translators are specialists with extensive knowledge and experience in the field of legal translations.
A legal translation requires not only linguistic skills but also thorough knowledge of various legal disciplines.
This is why we work exclusively with professional specialists: legal translators and revisors with many years’ practical experience. All are sworn translators and are included on the Register of Sworn Interpreters and Translators (RBTV), which is administered by the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security.

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Legal Translation Company The Hague

The legal documents we translate

 Examples of the type of legal documents we translate are:

  • contracts and agreements
  • general terms and conditions
  • prenuptial agreements
  • wills
  • all other notarial deeds
  • litigation documents
  • intellectual property documents
  • rulings, judgments and sentences
  • writs and bailiff's notifications
  • legal opinions
  • employment contracts
  • policy documents
  • staff manuals
  • appeals and objections
  • formal opinions and recommendations
  • correspondence
  • tax documents and correspondence
  • memorandums
  • court documents
  • redundancy plans
  • legislative texts
  • articles of association

Juridisch Vertaalbureau Den Haag

Professional legal translations by specialist sworn translators

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