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What is the fee for a translation?

No two texts are the same. So each translation project calls for a customized quote. That is why we ask you to upload your document using the quote form below. This enables us to analyze the document and provide you with an accurate quote that is tailored to your specific requirements.

We quote a fixed price for each translation, so you know exactly where you stand right at the outset.

Please note that we are sworn translators, not interpreters. We do written translations only.

Hourly rates from 1 July 2022

Non-certified translations:
Dutch ↔ English €85.-
Dutch ↔ German €85.-
Dutch ↔ French €85.-
Dutch ↔ Italian €90.-
Dutch ↔ Spanish €90.-

All rates are exclusive of 21% VAT
Minimum rate: 1 hour per language pair

Certified translations
Dutch ↔ English €95.-
Dutch ↔ German €95.-
Dutch ↔ French €95.-
Dutch ↔ Italian €100.-
Dutch ↔ Spanish €100.-

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Of course you want to know how much it will cost to translate your text and how long it will take. We will be pleased to tell you. There is absolutely no obligation. Simply complete the form above and let us know of any additional special wishes.
The form asks you to state whether you require a certified translation. If you are not sure, click here for more information about certified translations.

If legalization is necessary, you can also indicate whether you require standard legalization or an apostille. What legalization involves and whether you need an apostille or a standard legalization is explained here.
You may need your translation at short notice. If so, please let us know and we will do our best to oblige.

Our quotes show a fixed price based on an hourly rate so there will be no unpleasant surprises later. The price depends on a number of factors, including the language pair, the nature of the text and, of course, the length of the text.
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