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You are a notary and you need a certified translation of a transfer deed, a prenuptial agreement, a Will or a certificate of succesion for your client. Perhaps you are a company director and are required to submit a certified English translation of your articles of association. You may be a private individual who needs a certified translation of a prenuptial agreement, a Will or a certificate of succession.
The translation of notarial deeds is a highly specialist area. It is our specialist area. We are thoroughly familiar with all aspects of notarial practice and produce certified translations that leave nothing to be desired.
We work with a small, tight-knit and highly effective team of legal translators. This means short lines of communication, clear agreements, rapid action, short turnaround times, and personalized service.
Please call us for further information. Your call will be answered by a sworn translator who can answer all your questions.

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The Dutch civil law notary


In the Netherlands, many civil law matters (other than litigation) are dealt with by the ‘notaris’, or civil law notary. Unlike notaries public in the Anglo-Saxon world, civil law notaries are university-trained lawyers who are appointed by the Crown. They are experts in family law, succession law, corporate law and property law. Very useful information (in English) on the work and position of the civil law notary can be found on the website of the Royal Dutch Association of Civil Law Notaries (KNB).

The incorporation of legal entities, mortgage deeds, transfer deeds, prenuptial agreements, Wills, etc. all fall within the domain of the civil law notary. Over the years we have developed particular expertise in translating the documents produced by civil law notaries.

Translation of notarial deeds

Almost everyone has dealings with a notary at some point in their lives. Various important transactions require the services of a notary: buying a house, setting up a limited company, or making a Will, for example. The notary records the agreements in a ‘notarial deed’ (or 'notarial instrument'), which is a valid and binding legal document.
There are certain situations in which you may require a certified translation of a notarial deed. A 'notarial translation' or 'notary translation', in other words.


A notary may have to deal with clients who speak little or no Dutch. An expat buying a house, a foreign company wishing to register a subsidiary in the Netherlands, or an international foundation that intends to amend its constitution. The notary must be absolutely certain that everyone concerned understands the documents to which they add their signature. In short, the deeds must be translated.
That is what we do. We are thoroughly familiar with all notarial disciplines, including company law, family law and property law. We know the correct legal terminology in all the languages we offer. We are happy to help.

Director or business owner

A company director or business owner wishing to do business internationally may be asked to provide an English translation of the company registration or deed of incorporation. If you’re planning to enter into partnership with a foreign entity, you are likely to need translations of various deeds and documents such as a shareholders’ agreement, the articles of association or a notarial power of attorney.
We welcome the opportunity to prove that we are your best translation partner.

Non-business organization

Non-business organizations such as associations, foundations, NGOs and other nonprofits may also need certified translations of certain notarial instruments. They may be asked to submit certified translations of their constitutional documents, for example, to complete an international grant application procedure or to open an office in another country. Contact us now for a free quote.


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We will be pleased to produce a certified translation at a very competitive rate and will also have it legalized by the court. That will save you a lot of time and trouble.

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We put words into deeds

Legal translations for civil law notaries

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Notary translations

The translation of a notarial deed is a highly specialized undertaking. The result must be accurate, complete and leave no possible room for interpretation. Our extensive experience in this field guarantees sworn translations of impeccable quality.

Apostille and legalization: our legalization service

Sometimes, a certified translation of a notarial deed is not enough. The signature of the translator, and perhaps that of the notary as well, may have to be verified by court officials. This process is known as ‘legalization’ and often involves an ‘apostille’ being appended to the original document. Only then is it accepted as legally valid and binding in another country.
Legalization and the apostille not only verify that the translator’s signature is genuine, but confirm that he or she is officially registered as a sworn translator and is therefore qualified and authorized to produce a certified translation.

In the case of the notary’s signature, the court confirms that it is indeed genuine and that he or she is duly authorized to produce the deed.
Do you have a deed that must be translated by a sworn translator and then legalized? We can save you time and trouble by producing the certified translation and arranging the legalization or apostille on your behalf.

Click here to find out whether you need a standard legalization or whether an apostille will suffice.

Expert advice


You cannot be expected to know precisely what is required in every situation. Based on our long experience as a specialist translation agency for the notarial profession, we can tell you:

  • which documents you must have translated
  • the procedure to follow
  • whether legalization or an apostille is required
  • who has succeeded your notary if he or she is no longer practising.

Please call us – we will be happy to help.

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Our sworn translators and our languages

Sworn translators

Our sworn translators are the best. Educated to degree level and beyond, they combine a faultless knowledge of language with an in-depth knowledge of all notarial disciplines. They have extensive experience in translating notarial deeds of all kinds. All are included on the national Register of Sworn Interpreters and Translators (RBTV).


We can translate all your notarial deeds from Dutch into English, German, French, Italian or Spanish. We can also produce certified translations from any of these languages into Dutch.

The notarial deeds and documents we translate

 Our notarial specialists translate all notarial documents and deeds, including:

  • articles of association
  • articles of incorporation
  • prenuptial agreements
  • cohabitation agreements
  • wills
  • powers of attorney
  • shareholder agreements
  • deeds of incorporation
  • mortgage deeds
  • purchase deeds
  • transfer deeds
  • merger deeds
  • title deeds
  • property division deeds
  • correspondence
  • all other deeds and instruments

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