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Financial translation specialists

Our team of experienced translators will produce a flawless translation of your annual report, financial statements, investment report or prospectus. All are expert linguists whose strong affinity with the subject matter is reflected by their in-depth knowledge of the financial sector.

Financial translation company

Financial translation is a highly specialized discipline and demands very specific knowledge, not only of accounting (including IFRS and IAS) but also of tax legislation and the financial markets. We have that knowledge at our fingertips. We know how important a thorough understanding of the subject matter is when translating any financial document. 100% accuracy is required, as the slightest mistake can have huge implications.
Accordingly, we work exclusively with experienced, qualified translators and proofreaders who have an established and proven background in the field of financial translation. Many have taken a degree in translation or linguistics with further specialist qualifications. They have the necessary knowledge and background to ensure your documents are translated and presented in the right way. With the right tone of voice and the correct terminology.

Financial translations by professional financial translators

Financial translations of the highest standard

All-Round is an established name in the translation world. We have been in the business for 75 years and in that time we have become experts in translating financial texts from Dutch into English and vice versa.
Financial translations must be unambiguous in content, precise in terminology and clear in presentation. Thanks to a unique combination of expertise, experience and creativity we are able to provide custom solutions that fit the bill.
Accountants, auditors, tax consultants, asset managers, financial institutions, lawyers and trade and industry are keen on using our specialist services.

And they keep on coming back.

Because they know that All-Round delivers the very best in terms of quality. Our translators are seasoned experts who couple their financial expertise with exceptional linguistic knowledge, ensuring that all translations are true to the source document and are of the highest standard.

No translation is ever sent to a client without first having undergone the scrutiny of a second translator, and we always make a point of keeping to deadlines.

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Use a professional financial translation service

When you require an English translation of an investment report or financial statements, it may be tempting to ask a colleague to do the translation. After all, everyone speaks English, don’t they? And your colleague is familiar with your business and will do the translation for free.
However, you may want to think twice about this. Financial translation is a specialist skill. Your colleague is not necessarily a very good translator and produce a flat, literal translation. Moreover, translation takes a lot of time, perhaps more time than your colleague has to spare. In the end, this could prove a false economy.
Don't compromise on quality. Use a professional translation service. Use us.
Financial translation is our forte.

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The financial documents we handle

Here are some examples of the financial documents we translate on a regular basis:

  • financial statements
  • annual reports
  • audit reports
  • auditor's opinions
  • investment reports
  • due-diligence reports
  • financial analyses and opinions
  • tax documents
  • correspondence with the tax authorities
  • company analyses
  • prospectuses
  • pension quotations
  • policy conditions
  • insurance documents
  • financial contracts
  • mortgage deeds
  • loan agreements
  • articles of association

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